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Sky Pro Brush Machine
is a window and facade cleaning system ideal for buildings up to 60 stories. 

This system uses
technology similar to a soft touch
foam brush carwash with an 8 ft
(2.4m) cleaning path. The Brush
Machine is suitable for buildings
with at glass facades and
windows inset no more than 4
inches. Two rear mounted fans to
keep machine against building.

Brush Machine.jpg

The Sky Pro Brush Machine BASE PACKAGE includes:

  • • Rotating foam brush specially designed to clean windows, window frames, and building exterior

  • Two rear mounted fans to keep machine against building

  • 2 brush motors to ensure consistent torque and rotation speed

  • 1 side brush to clean in corners of building and have a larger cleaning path

  • Aluminum, powder coated frame

  • Removable swivel wheels mounted on bottom of frame for easy transport

  • Splash guard to minimize overspray

  • Stainless steel water distribution system

  • Regulator valve to control water consumption

  • 2 balloon tires on frame to protect building

  • Electrical control box and 500 ft of electrical cable

  • 350 ft of 5/16 inch galvanized wire rope

  • 400 ft of 3/8 inch water hose

  • Full remote control (fans, water, and brush forward / reverse control)

  • 1 year parts warranty

Sky Pro Brush Machine multiple.JPG

Watch the Sky Pro Brush Machine in action!

The Sky Pro Brush Machine has an 8 ft. cleaning path and uses soft touch foam brush carwash technology, by adding two side brushes it creates a 13 ft cleaning path.  The Sky Pro’s versatile hoist system can be attached to the machine to offer it’s unique self-climbing ability.  Often, the “self-climbing” model can be used with existing rigging systems such as davit arms, rail hoists, outriggers or BMU crane systems.

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