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The Sky Pro Mini is a window and facade cleaning system ideal for buildings up to 15 stories.

This system uses technology similar to a soft touch foam brush carwash with a 40 inch (1m) cleaning path. The Mini is suitable for buildings with flat glass facades and windows inset no more than 4 inches.
The Mini is lightweight and folds down for easy transport. Optional guideline kit provides more stability for taller buildings or windy conditions.

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Sky Pro Mini (1).jpg

The Sky Pro Mini BASE PACKAGE includes:

  • 2 - 12 V Lithium Ion “Smart” Batteries (approx. 4-5 hrs of run time for each battery)

  • 115V /220V dual battery charger

  • 12V remote on/o switch with reversible brush control

  • 2 wind stabilizer arms with balloon tires to protect building

  • Brush motor with stainless steel chain drive in the middle of machine

  • 40 inch foam brush specially designed to clean windows, window frames and building exterior

  • 300 ft of 3/8 inch red water hose mounted on hose reel with wheels

  • Adjustable rolling outrigger with 5 counter weights

  • 115V /220V 17 amps variable speed Cordem GOLO hoist with limit switch, weatherization package, 180 ft of air craft galvanized wire rope, drum guard, “up/down” pendant and water resistant dust cover

  • R.O./D.I. water filtration unit with pump for "spot free" windows

  • 2 - 20 inch side brushes to clean in corners and double the cleaning path to 7 feet

  • Chemical injector bar

  • 1 year parts warranty

Mini in Brazil (1).jpg

Watch the Sky Pro Mini in action!

Meet the new Mini!  The motor is now in the middle of the main brush eliminating the gaps between the main brush and the side brushes.  Add side brushes to double  the cleaning path.  Perfect for cleaning entire buildings up to 15 stories.

Sky Pro Mini Setup and Operation

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