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Sky Pro Mini Sprayer is a
touchless window & façade cleaning system ideal for buildings up to 15 stories. 

This system uses a technology
similar to a touchless carwash with a 3.5ft (1.1m) cleaning path from a distance up to 3 feet. The Sky Pro Mini Sprayer is suitable for buildings with irregular windows, onsets or insets, curves, recesses, overhangs, protrusions, asymmetrical frames or other architectural features that make
traditional cleaning methods difficult, if not impossible. Optional guideline kit provides more stability for taller
buildings or windy conditions.

Mini SPray.jpg
Before and After Cleaning Resulting Results.JPG

The Sky Pro Mini Sprayer

BASE PACKAGE includes:

  • Heavy duty white polypropylene shell

  • 2 wind stabilizer arms with foam end to protect building

  • Water spinner bar with 2 rotary nozzles and 2 fan tip nozzles

  • Rear mounted water pressure gauge

  • Waste water evacuation tube on bottom of Mini Sprayer

  • Regulator valve to control and conserve water consumption

  • Lifting shackle and cable support grip

  • Hose is includedof high pressure water hose. Additional 150 ft of high pressure water High performance pressure washer with built in hose reel including 50 ft

  • Spray wand

  • Adjustable rolling outrigger with 5 counterweights

  • Dust cover, galvanized wire rope, drum guard, "up/down" pendant and waterproof 115V/220V amps variable speed hoist with limit switch, 180 ft of air craft

  • 1 year parts warranty

Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas Cleaning Results.jpg

Watch the Sky Pro Mini Sprayer in action!

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