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The Sky Pro Touchless Cleaning System is the newest line of window and facade cleaning systems revolutionized by Sky Pro. The machine can be retrofitted on existing scaffolding, BMUs, or monorail systems or constructed into a new building.   

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Back view - Through window copy.jpg

The Sky Pro Touchless Cleaning System includes:

  • All anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction

  • Splash guard to minimize overspray

  • Regulator valve to control water consumption

  • 2 balloon tires on frame to protect building

  • Outdoor protection cover

  • 500 ft of 3/8 inch water hose

  • Heavy duty white polypropylene shell

  • Water spinner bar with 2 rotary nozzles and 2 fan tip nozzles

  • Rear mounted water pressure gauge

  • Waste water evacuation tube on bottom of Mini Sprayer

  • Regulator valve to control and conserve water consumption

  • High performance pressure washer

  • 1 year parts warranty



  • Custom built to attached to unique swing stage

  • 2 mounted fans to keep machine against building

  • R.O./D.I. water ltration unit for "spot free" windows

  • Customized parts, chemical injector, hot water heater, and mobile generator

  • Spare parts kit


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